Wolfram Data Summit 2011


All talks will take place in Gallery Ballroom 1, 2.

Thursday, September 8

7:30am Foyer: Sign-in
9am Keynote
Stephen Wolfram, President & CEO, Wolfram Research & Wolfram|Alpha
10:20am Foyer: Break
10:40am How to Compare One Million Images? Visualizing Patterns in Art, Games, Comics, Photography, Cinema, Animation, Web, and Print Media »
Lev Manovich, Professor, University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
11am Data Visualization »
Kim Rees, Partner and Head of Visualization, Periscopic
11:20am The Role of Visualization and Citizen Science in Astronomy »
Alberto Conti, Archive Scientist, Space Telescope Science Institute
11:40am Data Feast, Privacy Famine: What Is a Healthy Data Diet? »
Jim Adler, Chief Privacy Officer & General Manager of Data Systems, Intelius, Inc.
Noon From Dollars to Ideas: New Tools for Measuring Influence »
Thomas Lee, Director of Sunlight Labs, Sunlight Foundation
12:20pm Salon: Lunch
1:40pm Drug Efficacy in the Wild »
Timothy Vaughan, Research Scientist, PatientsLikeMe
2pm A Rapid-Learning Health System: Using Electronic Health Records and Apps »
Lynn Etheredge, Director, Rapid Learning Project, George Washington University
2:20pm Global Health Data Exchange »
Peter Speyer, Director of Data Development, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
2:40pm The Sea Around Us: Seeing Our Past, Present, and Future through Data in Space and Time (Impacts of Fisheries on the World's Marine Ecosystems) »
Dirk Zeller, Project Manager & Senior Researcher, Sea Around Us Project, UBC Fisheries Centre FishBase & SeaLifeBase
3pm Foyer: Break
3:20pm Introducing Encyclopedia of Life V2: International, Personal, and Reusable Biodiversity Data »
Cynthia Parr, Director, Species Pages Group Encyclopedia of Life, Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History
3:40pm Statistical Abstract of the United States: The Value of Data »
Ian O'Brien, Branch Chief, U.S. Census Bureau
4pm Empowering People with Data—Data.gov: What's Now and What's Next »
Alan Vander Mallie, Data.gov Program Manager, U.S. General Services Administration
4:20pm Making State Government Data Accessible and Understandable »
Derek Stanford, State Representative, Washington State
6pm Foyer: Drinks
7pm Salon: Dinner

Friday, September 9

9am Thomson Reuters and Big Data »
James Powell, CTO, Thomson Reuters
9:20am Financial Data Management »
Yi Wang, Chief Technology Officer, Morningstar Inc.
9:40am IPUMS International—Building a Census Data Time Machine »
Peter Clark, IT Core Director, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota
10am Commercial Search Engine Developers and Universities: A Critical Time for Collaboration in the Coming Age of Publicly Accessible Research Data »
Stefan Kramer, Research Data Management Librarian, Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research
10:20am Foyer: Break
10:40am The Need for Data Standards: How the InChI Project Is More than Just a Standard for Chemists »
Steve Heller, Project Director, InChI Trust
11am Metadata Standards and XML Technologies for Unlocking Statistical Data »
Pascal Heus, Vice President, Metadata Technology/Open Data Foundation
11:20am Crowdsourcing Big Data »
Lukas Biewald, Chairman and Co-founder, CrowdFlower
11:40am Crowdsourced, Collaborative Genealogy »
Noah Tutak, CEO, Geni.com
Noon Managing Technical Talent: How to Find the Right Analyst for Your Problem »
Nicholas Gruen, Chairman, Kaggle
12:20pm Salon: Lunch
1:40pm Sports Analytics: Managing and Making Sense of Player-Tracking Data »
John Sasman, Associate Vice President, Commercial Products, STATS, LLC
2pm ACCRA Cost of Living Index—A Private Data Collection Effort since 1968 »
Dean Frutiger, COLI project Manager, C2ER
2:20pm What Data Do We Keep?
Roger Liew, Chief Technology Officer, Orbitz Worldwide
2:40pm Doing Business in the Face of the Information Explosion »
Anthony Scriffignano, Vice President Global Data Strategy, Dun & Bradstreet
3pm Foyer: Break
3:20pm A New and Old View of Computing and Data »
David Alan Grier, Associate Professor of International Science and Technology Policy, Elliott School of International Affairs
3:40pm Data Modeling among Non-programmers »
Mads Hjorth, Data Architect, Danish Commerce and Companies Agency
4pm Data Science in Education and for Discovery »
Kirk Borne, Professor of Astrophysics and Computational Sciences, George Mason University
4:20pm The Inscrutable Lines of Cause and Effect »
Byron Reese, Chief Innovation Officer, Demand Media
4:40pm Open Q&A