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Wolfram Data Summit 2011


Thursday, September 8

9am Keynote
Stephen Wolfram, President & CEO, Wolfram Research & Wolfram|Alpha
10:40am How to Compare One Million Images? Visualizing Patterns in Art, Games, Comics, Photography, Cinema, Animation, Web, and Print Media
Lev Manovich, Professor, University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
11am Data Visualization
Kim Rees, Partner and Head of Visualization, Periscopic
11:20am Data + Viz = (New) Science
Alberto Conti, Archive Scientist, Space Telescope Science Institute
11:40am Data Feast, Privacy Famine: What Is a Healthy Data Diet?
Jim Adler, Chief Privacy Officer & General Manager of Data Systems, Intelius, Inc.
Noon From Dollars to Ideas: New Tools for Measuring Influence
Thomas Lee, Director of Sunlight Labs, Sunlight Foundation
1:40pm Drug Efficacy in the Wild
Timothy Vaughan, Research Scientist, PatientsLikeMe
2pm A Rapid-Learning Healthcare System
Lynn Etheredge, Director, Rapid Learning Project, George Washington University
2:20pm Health Data Innovation
Peter Speyer, Director of Data Development, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
2:40pm The Sea Around Us: Seeing Our Past, Present, and Future through Data in Space and Time (Impacts of Fisheries on the World's Marine Ecosystems)
Dirk Zeller, Project Manager & Senior Researcher, Sea Around Us Project, UBC Fisheries Centre FishBase & SeaLifeBase
3:20pm Introducing Encyclopedia of Life V2: International, Personal, and Reusable Data
Cynthia Parr, Director, Species Pages Group Encyclopedia of Life, Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History
3:40pm Statistical Abstract of the United States: The Value of Data
Ian O'Brien, Branch Chief, U.S. Census Bureau
4pm Empowering People with Data— What's Now and What's Next
Alan Vander Mallie, Program Manager, U.S. General Services Administration
4:20pm Making State Government Data Accessible and Useful
Derek Stanford, State Representative, Washington State

Friday, September 9

9am Thomson Reuters and Big Data
James Powell, CTO, Thomson Reuters
9:20am Financial Data Management
Yi Wang, Chief Technology Officer, Morningstar Inc.
9:40am IPUMS International: Building a Census Data Time Machine
Peter Clark, IT Core Director, Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota
10am Commercial Search Engine Developers and Universities: A Critical Time for Collaboration in the Coming Age of Publicly Accessible Research Data
Stefan Kramer, Research Data Management Librarian, Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research
10:40am The Need for Data Standards: How the InChI Project Is More than Just a Standard for Chemists
Steve Heller, Project Director, InChI Trust
11am Metadata Standards and XML Technologies for Unlocking Statistical Data
Pascal Heus, Vice President, Metadata Technology/Open Data Foundation
11:20am Crowdsourcing Big Data
Lukas Biewald, Chairman and Co-founder, CrowdFlower
11:40am Crowdsourced, Collaborative Genealogy
Noah Tutak, CEO,
Noon Managing Technical Talent: How to Find the Right Analyst for Your Problem
Nicholas Gruen, Chairman, Kaggle
1:40pm Sports Analytics: Player Tracking
John Sasman, Associate Vice President, Commercial Products, STATS, LLC
2pm ACCRA Cost of Living Index—A Private Data Collection Effort since 1968
Dean Frutiger, COLI project Manager, C2ER
2:20pm Experiences with Big Data and Learning What's Worth Keeping
Roger Liew, Chief Technology Officer, Orbitz Worldwide
2:40pm Doing Business in the Face of the Information Explosion
Anthony Scriffignano, Vice President Global Data Strategy, Dun & Bradstreet
3:20pm Computing Old and New: Labor Markets for Data
David Alan Grier, Associate Professor of International Science and Technology Policy, Elliott School of International Affairs
3:40pm Data Modeling among Non-programmers
Mads Hjorth, Data Architect, Danish Commerce and Companies Agency
4pm Data Science in Education and for Discovery
Kirk Borne, Professor of Astrophysics and Computational Sciences, George Mason University
4:20pm The Inscrutable Lines of Cause and Effect
Byron Reese, Chief Innovation Officer, Demand Media