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The Wolfram Data Summit begins with an 8am breakfast on Thursday, September 5. The final presentations will conclude at approximately 4:30pm on Friday, September 6. This page will be updated as additional speakers are confirmed.

Talks & Presentations

Andrew Ng
The Online Revolution: Education for Everyone Andrew Ng Cofounder, Co-CEO, Coursera
Anurag Jain
Geo Symptom Tracker Anurag Jain VP Engineering, WebMD
George Y. Yu
The Future of Data Collection Using Smart Devices George Y. Yu CEO, Variable, Inc.
Greg Newby
Why Put a Library in Everybody's Pocket? Greg Newby Director, Project Gutenberg and the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
Vittorio Loreto
The Dynamics of Correlated Novelties Vittorio Loreto Professor, Sapienza University of Rome
Sufian Alkhaldi
Bad Bugs: The 100K Food-Borne Pathogen Genome Project Sufian Alkhaldi Scientist and Food Outbreak Investigator, Center for Food and Applied Nutrition, FDA
Kalev Leetaru
GDELT: Real-Time Automated Global Behavior and Beliefs Mapping, Modeling, and Forecasting Using Hundreds of Millions of Events Kalev Leetaru Yahoo! Fellow in Residence, Georgetown University
Peter Speyer
Health Data and the Recently Released Global Burden
of Disease Study
Peter Speyer University of Washington
Roger Macdonald
Recent Activities of the Internet Archive Roger Macdonald Director, Television Archive, Internet Archive
Paul Lamere
Data Mining Music Paul Lamere Director of Developer Platform, The Echo Nest
Sean Hill
The Human Brain Project—An Overview Sean Hill Professor, Blue Brain Project/Human Brain Project
David Pratt
How Will Usage-Based Auto Insurance Evolve? David Pratt General Manager, Usage-Based Insurance, Progressive Insurance
Michael Nelson
Who Will Archive the Archives? Thoughts about the Future of Web Archiving Michael Nelson Associate Professor, Old Dominion University
Peter Sweeney
Data Synthesis—Addressing Small Data Problems Faced by Big Data Peter Sweeney Founder & President, Primal
Ian White
Metadata Matters Ian White President, Urban Mapping
Ryan Cordell
David Smith
Infectious Texts: Uncovering Reprinting Networks
in Nineteenth-Century Newspapers
Ryan Cordell Assistant Professor, Northeastern University
David Smith Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Northeastern University
Jan Brase
DataCite—Making Datasets Citable Jan Brase Executive Officer, DataCite
Eric Rabkin
People Hear the Title First: A Mixed-Method Study of the Cultural Place of Science Fiction across Media, Genres, and Decades Eric Rabkin Associate Provost for Online Education, Stony Brook University
Leslie Johnston
Cultural Heritage Institutions and Big Data Collections Leslie Johnston Chief of Repository Development, Library of Congress
Patrick Lucey
Sports Analytics v2.0: Assessing Team Strategy Using Spatiotemporal Data Patrick Lucey Disney Research, Pittsburgh
Mark Elbert
Transforming Legacy Data into State-of-the-Art Interactive Visualizations Mark Elbert Director, Office of Web Management, U.S. Energy Information Administration
Anthony Scriffignano
Having It All Is Not Having It All at All! Problem Formulation in the Face of Overwhelming Quantities of Data Anthony Scriffignano Senior VP, Worldwide Data and Insight, Dun & Bradstreet
Adam Hahn
Deep Data: Mapping the Legal Genome Adam Hahn Cofounder & CTO, Judicata
Peter Panepento
Using Data for Social Good: Unlocking the Potential of Big Data to Change the World Peter Panepento Assistant Managing Editor, The Chronicle of Philanthropy
Eric Newburger
Why the Census? Big Data from the Enlightenment to Today Eric Newburger Assistant to the Associate Director of Communications, US Census Bureau
Anders Pedersen
OpenSpending: Building a Global Database of Public Finances Anders Pedersen Community Coordinator, Open Knowledge Foundation
Dillon Tracy
DataArray: A New Construct for Data-Centric Operations Dillon Tracy Senior Kernel Developer, Wolfram Research