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The Wolfram Data Summit begins with an 8am breakfast on Thursday, September 4. The final presentations will conclude at approximately 4:30pm on Friday, September 5. This page will be updated as additional speakers are confirmed.

Talks & Presentations

Rachel Akeson
Diversity of Data in the Search for Exoplanets Rachel Akeson NASA Exoplanet Science Institute, Deputy Director
Ronen Feldman
Techniques and Applications for Sentiment Analysis Ronen Feldman Digital Trowel, Chief Scientist
Laurel Haak
Persistent Identifiers in Research Management: People, Places, and Things Laurel Haak ORCID, Executive Director
Christian Herzog
Supporting Science Investments with Small and Big Data Solutions Christian Herzog ÜberResearch GmbH, CEO
Stefan Janecek
Computational Knowledge Meets Quantum Chemistry Stefan Janecek uni software plus GmbH, Senior Researcher
Roger Macdonald
Virtual Reading Rooms Roger Macdonald Television Archive, Internet Archive, Director
Anita de Waard
The 10 Habits of Highly Effective Research Data Anita de Waard Elsevier Research Data Services, VP Research Data Collaborations
Aditya Khosla
Visual Intelligence: Seeing beyond the Immediate Image Aditya Khosla MIT, PhD Student
Denise King
Food and Nutrient Databases: Overcoming the Seesaw between Comprehensiveness and Completeness Denise King Nutrition Coordinating Center, University of Minnesota, Director of Operations
Evan Bolton
Strategies toward Improving the Utility of Scientific Big Data Evan Bolton National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Lead Scientist
Keith Soura & Peter Goodings Swartz
Big Data & International Trade: Creating Transparency through Information Keith Soura & Peter Goodings Swartz Panjiva, Inc., Accounts & Innovation/Panjiva, Inc., Data Scientist
Ryan Quick & Arno Kolster
Comprehending Things: Ontology and Semantics for Event Handling IoT Ryan Quick & Arno Kolster PayPal, Principal Architect/PayPal, Sr. Database Architect
John Mattison
Sensory Overload, Signal vs. Noise, Sensory Integration, IOT and the Behavioral Symphony of Wellness, and Implications for Creative Reconstruction of Healthcare John Mattison Kaiser Permanente, SCAL, Chief Medical Information Officer
William Grosso
The Strange Case of the Noob Who Didn't Buy: Big Data and Pricing William Grosso Scientific Revenue, CEO
Ken Chahine
Redefining Race: The Power of DNA in Uniting Societies Ken Chahine Ancestry, Senior Vice President and General Manager
Anthony Scriffignano
Data Is Everywhere. Relationships Matter... a Lot! Anthony Scriffignano Dun & Bradstreet, SVP Worldwide Data & Insight
Kerri Holt
The Journey Out of Darkness–How Smart Data and Intelligent Systems Are Changing Education Kerri Holt Dallas Independent School District, Special Projects Officer
Vladimir Eidelman
Structuring the Data of Sausage-Making:
Uncovering Legislative Trends Across the 50 States
Vladimir Eidelman FiscalNote, Principal Scientist
Ben Vershbow
Time Travel with Maps Ben Vershbow The New York Public Library, Director, Digital Library + Labs
Michael Poulshock
Best Practices for Building Legal Knowledge Bases Michael Poulshock Exeter Group / Justocity, Legal Knowledge Engineer
Nancy Kopans
When the “Thing” Is a Digital Scholarly Publication: Connecting Publications to Linked Data Nancy Kopans ITHAKA (JSTOR, Portico, and Ithaka S+R), Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary
Boe Hartman
Social Monitoring Boe Hartman Barclays Bank, Chief Information Officer, Barclaycard
Brian Frezza
The Emerald Cloud Lab: Data Lessons Learned from Running a Remote-Controlled Lifesciences Laboratory Brian Frezza Emerald Therapeutics, Co-founder
Dillon Tracy
The Wolfram Data Science Platform: Data Science in the Cloud Dillon Tracy Wolfram Research, Senior Developer
Clark Freifeld
HealthMap and MedWatcher: Big Data and Crowdsourcing for Better Public Health Clark Freifeld HealthMap/Boston Children’s Hospital, Research Software Developer
Kalev Leetaru
What It Takes to Compute on the Whole World Kalev Leetaru Georgetown University, Yahoo! Fellow in Residence
Robert Graybill
Data Aggregation and Analysis Challenges for Intelligent Manufacturing Robert Graybill Nimbis Services, Inc., President & CEO
Chris Rezendes
THE IoT Killer App: Profitable Sustainability via Multi-stakeholder Data Privacy and Subscription Enablement Chris Rezendes INEX Advisors, President
Nitesh Chawla
Bringing Big Data to Personalized Health Care: A Patient-Centered Framework Nitesh Chawla iCeNSA, Director
Amanda Welsh
Measuring and Correcting Error in Integrations Amanda Welsh The Nielsen Company, EVP, Data Science
Curt Aubley
End-to-End Fusion of IOT & Big Data Technologies: IOT/Big Data Foundations, Applied & Futures Curt Aubley Intel, Vice President, Data Center Group