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Wolfram DATA SUMMIT 2016

September 21–22, 2016 | Hyatt Regency Fairfax | Fairfax, Virginia


The Wolfram Data Summit begins with a 9am breakfast on Wednesday, September 21. The final presentations will conclude at approximately 4:30pm on Thursday, September 22. This page will be updated as speakers are confirmed.

Talks & Presentations

Keynote Presentation Stephen Wolfram Wolfram Research
"Data-Driven Healthcare: Challenges and Opportunities" Alex Jaimes Acesio
"Spinning Up Open Data's Flywheel" Bryon Jacob
"Things We Forget to Think About: Case Studies from the Not-So-Obvious Side of Data Science" Anthony Scriffignano Dun & Bradstreet
"The Lost Discipline of Developing Analytics" Celeste Fralick Intel Corporation
"Big Tree: Using Machine Learning to Create a Knowledge Graph of Mankind" Lei Wu
"Making Our Data Your Data" Justin Antonipillai US Department of Commerce
"Better Data Management Supports Better Earth and Space Science" Shelley Stall American Geophysical Union
"Archaeology, Digital Preservation, and Global Implications for a New Digital Democracy" Cinzia Perlingieri Center for Digital Archaeology
"Linking Data Quality with Customer Value" John L. Eltinge Bureau of Labor Statistics
"Urban Fictions" Daniel Goddemeyer Object Form Field Culture
"Big Data Regional Hubs: Accelerating the Big Data Innovation Ecosystem" Melissa Cragin UIUC-NCSA René Bastón Northeast Big Data Hub
"Mapping the Global Trade Network" Tim Garnett, Jason Prentice Panjiva
"Anatomy of Device Physics, Big Data, and Machine Learning" Janet George Western Digital
"'Big Knowledge' of Genomes and Metabolic Pathways" Peter Karp SRI/BioCyc
"Leveling the Playing Field for Cancer Genomics" Jack DiGiovanna Seven Bridges
"We Don't Care Who You Are—We Care Who You Are Right Now" Jon Roberts
"The Opportunity Project—Government Realizing Its Own Limitations" Ross Dakin Innovation Fellow at the White House
"Sustainable Open Data" Steve Coast Founder, OpenStreetMap

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