This conference has concluded. Wolfram continues to be at the forefront of data science innovation.
We invite you to check out the latest at and join us at our Wolfram Technology Conference.

Thanks to our speakers and attendees, the Wolfram Data Summit 2012 was the most diverse ever, with the highest turnout we've seen thus far. The innovators and leaders in science, business, and academia who were our speakers spoke on subjects ranging from social networks to data repositories, computational folkloristics to behavioral modeling, and datascience automation to advances in medical data collection, among so many more unforgettable and truly enlightening lectures.

We hope you find the Data Summit's unique and interdisciplinary focus to be as deeply stimulating as we do. We can't wait to continue our discussion of these topics in the coming months, and we invite all interested parties to contribute ideas for next year's Wolfram Data Summit.

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