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Wolfram DATA SUMMIT 2015

September 1–2, 2015 | Park Hyatt | Washington, DC


Tuesday, September 1


Stephen Wolfram

CEO of Wolfram Research & Creator of Wolfram|Alpha

"Using Big Data to Predict Online Trends"

Peter Sirota


"Data as Code/Code as Data"

George Danner

Business Laboratory LLC

"Does Location Matter? A Sneak Peek at the Best States for Data Innovation"

Daniel Castro

Center for Data Innovation

"Prospecting for Habitable Planets"

Jon Jenkins

NASA Ames Research Center

"Data Science for Data-Driven Application Systems in the Internet of Things"

Kirk Borne

Booz Allen Hamilton

"Building and Linking the Public Goods of the 21st Century"

Nicholas Gruen

Lateral Economics

"Open Data Science: Leveraging Public Data to Explore Urban Life"

Ben Wellington

Two Sigma

"Data is the Only Marketplace"

Russell Foltz-Smith

TrueCar, Inc.

"Bidding Strategies for Display Advertising: How to Avoid Boiling the Ocean"

Catherine Williams


Wednesday, September 2

A Brief Address by Conrad Wolfram

Conrad Wolfram

Director of Strategic & International Development, Wolfram Research

"Working with Dirty Data: To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse... and How to Decide"

Nicholas Marko

Geisinger Health System

Dr. Oleg Roderick

Geisinger Health System

"Data Sleuth: Detecting and Recovering Missing Data in International Trade Networks"

Keith Soura

Panjiva, Inc.

Peter Goodings Swartz

Panjiva, Inc.

"Scientific Data, Privacy"

Todd Carpenter


"Big Brother vs. Big Data: Privacy-Preserving Threat Analytics at Scale"

Chester Parrott


"2016 Election Media as Data"

Roger Macdonald

Internet Archive

"Protecting Consumers of Financial Products and Services"

Linda Powell

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

"Quantifying, Visualizing, and Forecasting Global Human Society: What It Looks Like To Compute on the Entire Planet"

Kalev Leetaru

George Washington University

"Inconvenient Truths: What Do We Know, How Do We Know It, and How Do We Know We Know It?"

Anthony Scriffignano

Dun & Bradstreet

"The Revolution Will Be Annotated"

Dan Whaley

"The Webdata Blindspot: How Data-Driven Companies Are Missing Out on the Internet"

Shion Deysarkar